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Where can I download PGP/GnuPG?

You can download PGP/GnuPG here:

Windows 98/2000/XP/ME operating system:

We suggest using Gpg4Win. You can download the program files here :

The very well done handbook gives step by step instructions on installing and using the free software. there are a lot of didactical screenshots helping you. You can also try GnuPT.

MacOS X:

Online manual:

MacOS 9:




Debian: apt-get install gnupg

Since Debian Woody gnupg is installed by default, use "man gpg" for help

Once you have generated your keypair don't forget your passphrase you need it to decrypt PGP messages we might send you in the future. If ever you forget it your keypair becomes obsolete. Also export you keyring, including your private key and copy everything with the program files on a CDROM for backup. If your ever your operating system crashes you can easily recover everything from this CDROM.