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Technical comparison of shared web hosting plans

compared specifications
Type of hosting plan simplerecommendedlarge
Price, flat rate per year (VAT excl.)20 €60 €120 €
Disc space (quota)10GB (1GB Web - 3GB Mail - 6GB Backup)100GB (10GB Web - 30GB Mail - 60GB Backup)1000GB (100GB Web - 300GB Mail - 600GB Backup)
Price, monthly (for info only)(1.67 €/month)(5 €/month)(10 €/month)
Traffic, monthly permitted volumeunlimited, fair useunlimited, fair useunlimited, fair use
Backup included: 1 month6GB reserved on central backup server60GB reserved on central backup server600GB reserved on central backup server
Web panel Virtualmin (SSH access on demand)noyesyes
DNS management (domains and subdomains)1510
Access via FTP, Filemanager, SCP or SFTPyesyesyes
Number of extra users FTP, SSH, DB, SVN, DAV0515
Daily access reports (Webalizer)yesyesyes
Databases MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL or SQLite without hard connection limit1515
Graphic libraries Imagemagick, Netpbm, Ming and GD2yesyesyes
Version control : Subversion and GITyesyesyes
Custom CGIyesyesyes
SMTP, POP3, IMAP and webmail yesyesyes
Antispam (Spamassassin) and Antivirus (ClamAV)yesyesyes
Number of mailboxes (choice between POP3 or IMAP)110100
Quota IMAP (quota is cumulative)3GB/box (3GB)3GB/box (30GB)3GB/box (300GB)
Number of e-mail aliases or redirections unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Autoresponders (ex. on vacation messages)yesyesyes
Number of mailing lists (Mailman EN, FR, NL, DE, IT, ES) 0510
Server OS Debian GNU/Linux, stable versionDebian GNU/Linux, stable versionDebian GNU/Linux, stable version
Multilingual support by e-mail: EN, FR, NL, DE yesyesyes
Let's Encrypt SSL-certificate and CA validationinclusiveinclusiveinclusive
DNS registration .be11 €11 €11 €
Price extra loginno5 €5 €
Price extra databaseno5 €5 €
Price extra mailing listno5 €5 €
Price integration or update of SSL (without certificate)62 €62 €62 €
Development PHP, Perl, Python (fixed price per project possible)50 €/h .org ; 75 €/h .com50 €/h .org ; 75 €/h .com50 €/h .org ; 75 €/h .com