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Simple shared web hosting


For 20€/year exclusive VAT you get 10GB:

1gb1GB webspace

backup6GB backup space on a central backup server

email1 mail box of 3GB

base de donées1 MySQL/PostgreSQL database

technical details
Disk quota10GB (1GB web - 3GB mail - 6GB backup)
DNS management 1 (registration not included)
Mailbox1 addres or redirection
MySQL1 database
Version controlSubversion and GIT
Trafficunlimited, fair use
Backup included
English spoken support yes
Price/year20 €
Price/month1.67 € (for info only)
DetailsSee the compared specifications


This simple hosting plan is perfect for starting on the web. It is best suited for text based web sites. Nevertheless the offer includes also a database, making it possible to set up a dynamic web site using for instance a content management system (CMS) like SPIP or a blog like Wordpress, or others. You have one single e-mail address at your disposal which you can also set up as a redirection to an already existing e-mail address. You can access your mailbox through IMAP, POP3 or webmail. The total quantity of information constituting your website (codes, texts, images, sounds) can be as large as 1GB of data in the web space.

Price/year 20 € (24.20 € vat incl.)


all2all has completly renewed its shared server farm and adopted the 64bit architecture. Besides the standard LAMP applications, Apache, MySQL and PHP, you are able to use PostgreSQL which is an alternative relational database server. You can access your mail through a client software, like Evolution, Outlook or Thunderbird, or read your messages via our SSL secured webmail (Roundcube Webmail). A management interface lets you configure all mail functions (password management, aliases, vacation messages, catch-alls, redirections). You have access to daily usage reports concerning your web site (Webalizer), an evolving antispam and an antivirus.