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How to make my domain name work on the all2all network?

You should contact your domain name agent, the institution which registered your dns name, and ask him to initate a modification of the nameserver information.

Here is the nameserver information to use in the following order:

primary ns server: DNS1.ALL2ALL.ORG (

secondary ns server: DNS2.ALL2ALL.ORG (

secondary ns server: DNS3.ALL2ALL.ORG (

secondary ns server: DNS4.ALL2ALL.ORG (

Please register all four name servers, otherwise we won't be able to assure the availability of your domain. For instance, there could be a situation where the primary and the secondary dns servers might be down. Then the fourth one, which is on a different physical network, would come into action and continue to respond to all dns queries.

In most cases you don't need to register the IP addresses, just register the names. (IP address registration is only needed when the nameserver is in the same domain as the name being registered.)

If you have a virtual or dedicated server hosted at all2all the procedure is slightly different: We will send you the special nameservers with the access codes. Therefore you need to choose a dns name with which you like to initialise your dns server when you place your server order. Then you need to contact your registrar and ask him to register this dns name as its own primary nameserver (see the schema below). In this case it is necessary to register the dedicated IP address of your virtual or dedicated server next the nameserver info. We will then set up for you a glue record in the corresponding zone file on your server (A Resource Record). The secondary nameserver is always ( should not be registered!)

primary ns server: DNS.YOUR_DNS_NAME.EXAMPLE (the IP address of your dedicated or virtual server)

secondary ns server: DNS3.ALL2ALL.ORG (